Classes are offered online via Zoom.

Syllabus for the Beginners class

The beginners or entry level class is designed to expose children to the basics of Hindi speaking, reading and writing. Concepts include introduction to:

  1. Vowels and Consonants
  2. Mantras
  3. Numbers
  4. Colors
  5. Animals / Birds
  6. Parts of the Body
  7. Vegetables and Fruits

As the kids knowledge of basic words expands, concepts of gender/singular/plural (Ling/Vachan) are introduced. Story telling and basic conversations also incorporated in sessions

Emphasis is on commonly used words and sentences used in daily life.

For example:

1.Aapka naam kya hai

2.Aap kitney saal ke hain?

3.Aap kahan rehtein hain?

As the child grasps basic words/sentences, vocabulary is consistently expanded as the sessions progress. This class is structured so as to continually build on all the concepts above. As with any other language or skill, true comfort level is only achieved with practice. Children are encouraged to practice translating words as often as they can at home, so that they can truly begin to develop their Hindi proficiency.

Syllabus for the Intermediate Class

The syllabus for the intermediate/advanced level is designed for children who are comfortable with the basics above and for those already speaking Hindi. The kids are exposed to reading and understanding stories and expanding the concepts listed above, such as nouns (sangya), pronouns (sarvanaam), tenses (kaal) and how to use these to construct more complex sentences.

For those starting out, the beginners level is recommended.