Due to COVID-19, all classes have now gone online.


I offer 4 sessions during spring, summer, fall and winter. Please reach out to me at [email protected] for details and availability

Classes are offered to children 6 years and older.  Classes typically meet once a week for 30 minutes with no more than 2 kids per class, to ensure that each child gets personal attention. Each session is a 10 week session costing $100.

Class Days: Monday through Friday.

Class Time : Starting at 4pm, 5pm or 6pm.

Make-up classes are not offered, unless the teacher needs to cancel a class for personal reasons.

Structure of classes: Once a student has paid for classes, they will receive a Zoom link for the class. If you are a new student, I will send a few introductory  pages prior to the class, to gauge your child’s current learning level. For beginners, classes start with covering alphabets, and basic vocabulary such as numbers, colors, body parts, fruits, vegetables and common phrases. Based on child readiness, subsequent levels will cover mantras, joining alphabets for basic reading skills and will continue to build on vocabulary learnt in prior classes. We will use screen-sharing so that we can practice writing or so that they can show me their work. As students progress, I will continue to send more PDF documents to cover the skills they are currently working on.